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Step by Step Guide For Filing With The International Fuel Tax Administration (IFTA)

1. Identify Your Base Jurisdiction’s IFTA Office

You pay International Fuel Tax Administration fees to your base jurisdiction (state or province your main business office is located in).

Check our list of IFTA offices by state/province to find yours.

2. Contact Your Local IFTA Office

Each IFTA office will have its own registration paperwork and process. You will need to contact your local office to register and pay your international fuel taxes.

3. Pay Your IFTA Fees

Your IFTA fees are based upon the number of qualified motor vehicles in your fleet, the amount of taxable fuel your fleet uses, and where you travel.

By registering with the IFTA, you will pay only a single fee to your base jurisdiction, instead of being required to pay separately to each state your fleet travels through.

International Fuel Tax Agreement FAQ

What information is reported on my IFTA tax return?

You will need to report total miles, taxable miles, taxable fuel, fuel tax paid, and tax rates for each jurisdiction your vehicles travel through.

What taxes are collected through IFTA?

International motor fuel use taxes. These are imposed by each state or Canadian province on the consumption of motor fuel by qualified motor vehicles.

What is a Qualified Motor Vehicle?

A Qualified Motor Vehicle is a vehicle used, designed or maintained for the transportation or property, and:

  • With a gross vehicle or registered gross vehicle weight over 26,000 pounds
  • 3-axles regardless of weight
  • Used in combination when the weight of the combination exceeds 26,000 pounds

What are the benefits of registered with the IFTA?

International Fuel Tax Agreement licensees:

  • Receive one license and one set of decals for each qualified motor vehicle to travel through all member jurisdictions
  • File only one tax return with their base jurisdiction (instead of tax returns to each jurisdiction traveled through)
  • Pay one single tax payment (instead of individual payments to each jurisdiction traveled through)
  • Submit to a single audit by base jurisdiction (instead of multiple audits from individual jurisdictions)
  • Pay reduced administrative costs

Is there an alternative to IFTA registration?

Yes. If you choose, you can contact the proper offices in every state/jurisdiction you intend to travel through and purchase fuel permits from each. In some states, you’ll be required to purchase a permit to travel through and second permit if you re-enter the state on the return trip.

What do I get when I complete my IFTA registration?

You will be sent an identifying license and decals for your vehicles. These will be sent by your local IFTA office.