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Process Agent Service for Motor Carriers

BOC-3 Process Agent You Can Trust

You’re legally required to hire a process agent for your motor carrier business. So you need an agent. What you don’t need is a lot of hassle or fancy sales tricks, “introductory” prices or upsells.

Our guarantee is simple: zero hassles, legitimate commercial offices, dedicated customer service.

What Zero Hassle Looks Like

  • Upfront Pricing: $25 Per Year
    We have no introductory prices, no hidden fees, no upsells. We believe in fair and honest prices, not gimmicks. Our rates never go up, and we never charge cancellation fees.
  • Legitimate Commercial Service (Real Offices in Every State)
    Process Agent LLC partners with Registered Agents Inc., a national registered agent and incorporation company with commercial offices in all 50 states (and DC). To control the quality of our service, we never outsource to third-party agencies.
  • Real Time Document Uploads (Instant Access to Your Digital Client Account)
    You’re on the road. Shouldn’t your process agent be on the road with you? We don’t mail you documents snail mail. We upload them in real time and you can access them instantly.
  • Dedicated Customer Service (Real Americans You Can Call Call Anytime)
    Call us anytime. You’ll talk to real professionals who understand compliance and service of process in every state. We take customer service seriously.
  • Digital Motor Carrier Portal (Manage All Your Corporate Paperwork)
    Your client portal will allow you to store all your legal correspondence, submit state business filings, and track violations across the country throughout the life of your business.

Hire Us Now, We File Your BOC-3 Today

Let’s be honest. You need to file a BOC-3 and appoint a process agent so that you can check off a box required by the FMCSA. This is one more piece of paperwork you have to deal with in a long line of government filings. Which is why we make it as easy as possible to file your BOC-3:

  1. Hire Process Agent LLC as your blanket process agent.
  2. As your designated process agent, we file a BOC-3 (Designation of Process Agents) on your behalf with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
  3. Once we file your Form BOC-3 with the FMCSA, we will provide you with a copy to keep at your principal place of business.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that a process agent (that’s us) file the BOC-3 on behalf of the motor carrier (that’s you). Brokers and freight forwarders can file the Form BOC-3 on their own.

We Revolutionized Process Agent Service By Asking These Questions

We were long-haul truckers once. We understand the headaches and hassles you deal with because we’ve been there. We have dealt with crappy service from nameless process agents who are only in this industry to make a fast buck off hard workers like you.

When we started Process Agent LLC, we wanted to offer motor carriers the kind of service we would have wanted when we were trucking. These are the kinds of questions we asked then, and we tell all of our clients to think about them too:

  • Does your process agent manage their own commercial offices or hire out to third parties?
  • Is your process agent a legitimate commercial service or someone working from home? Anyone can register as a process agent. Who do you trust with your legal documents?
  • If a website claims it will charge you once and never charge you again, how important will your business be to them two, three, four years from now?
  • Does your process agent provide tools to improve, manage and monitor your compliance?
  • What kind of resources does your process agent have if they charge you a one-time $20 fee and never charge you again? How do they pay dedicated employees and operate legitimate offices around the country?
  • Does your process agent deliver notifications to you in real time? Can you access your important legal documents anytime, anywhere, whenever you need them? Are your documents stored where you can access them throughout the life of your business?

What is a Process Agent?

You need a US DOT Number from the Department of Transportation and an MC Number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for your Operating Authority. In order to get your Operating Authority issued, the FMCSA requires you to provide names and addresses in every state where the general public can legally notify you. That’s logistically absurd. So truckers hire a process agent service that is in the business of maintaining offices in all 50 states and that can accept service of process and any legal notices on your behalf.

The importance of hiring the right process agent cannot be overstated.If you drive by a camera, a toll, a scale, or anything that tags your license plate, many local agencies will look up your process agent with the FMCSA and send your notice to your process agent in that state. This is legal proof that you’ve been notified of the violation. If you hire a process agent that does not have proper systems in place to receive these notices and get them to you in real time, you could face stiff fines and even an automatic judgment against your motor carrier business.

Process Agent LLC provides blanket coverage in every state under our own name and our own offices. We are the only Process Agent Service that operates this way.

What is a BOC-3?

The Form BOC-3 (Designation of Agents for Service of Process) is filed to designate a process agent for a motor carrier business. If you are a motor carrier, this form is filed by your process agent when you hire them to represent your company (as required by 49 CFR 366).

The Form BOC-3 can indicate individual states where a motor carrier requires coverage, or blanket coverage if the carrier wishes to be represented in every state.

Process Agent LLC is a blanket process agent.

The filing of the Form BOC-3 is part of the process of acquiring your Operating Authority from the FMCSA.

What is the Purpose of a Process Agent for Motor Carriers?

A process agent for motor carriers is the individual or company designated to accept service of process on behalf of the motor carrier in the event of a lawsuit. When a motor carrier is sued, it must be “served” with a notification from the court before the lawsuit can take effect. Delivering service of process to the motor carrier’s process agent is considered legal notification.

Do I Need a Blanket Agent?

A blanket agent is a process agent that provides coverage in all 50 states and Washington DC. Process Agent LLC is a blanket agent. If you are operating across multiple states, or if the goods/people you are transporting cross multiple states at some point before reaching their final destination, then you should hire a blanket agent for your motor carrier business. A blanket agent offers total national coverage, ensuring that you have service of process notification everywhere in America.

Process Agent LLC is a subsidiary of Registered Agents Inc., one of the largest and most trusted registered agent companies in the country. We operate commercial offices in every state. For this reason, Process Agent LLC offers blanket agent at no additional cost. You pay $25 per year, that’s it.