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BOC-3 Filing for Process Agent Service

How BOC-3 Process Agent Filing Works

  1. Hire Us Now

    Hire us as your blanket process agent. We provide process agent service in all 50 states (and DC). When you appoint us as your blanket agent, your motor carrier company is covered everywhere in the US.

  2. We File Your BOC-3 Today

    We have a direct link to the FMCSA network. We will file your BOC-3 immediately. It takes our service specialists less than five minutes to file your BOC-3, and the filing is processed instantly. You are covered immediately.

BOC-3 Filing: Zero Hassle Service

At Process Agent LLC, we believe in zero hassles. It starts with zero hassle signups and zero hassle processing. Our signup form takes only a few minutes to fill out, and we process your BOC-3 filing the same day. It takes our account specialists less than five minutes, and then you’re covered everywhere in America.

Here are some of our other zero hassle promises:

  • Upfront Pricing

    No hidden fees, upsells or any other gimmicks. Just $25 per year. Our rates never go up, and we never resell your information to data mining services.

  • Legitimate Commercial Offices

    We are a subsidiary of Registered Agents Inc., a national registered agent service company. We don’t work out of our basements or mobile homes, and this isn’t a second-income-stream for us while we do our real jobs. We offer professional blanket agent coverage everywhere in the country, and we never outsource to third parties.

  • Same-Day Document Uploads

    Motor carriers like you are on the road. A lot. That’s why we built an in-house digital client network which you have instant access to the minute you signup. We upload all of your documents the same-day they arrive at any of our 51 offices around the country. You are notified instantly that your documents are ready to view, and you can see them anytime, anywhere. That’s service that fits your mobile life.

  • Real Customer Service

    Give us a call. Our professional process agent specialists are real Americans available to answer your calls anytime you need them. We don’t outsource customer service to call centers in other countries, and we never ignore customer inquiries.

  • Digital Motor Carrier Portal

    All of your service of process, legal and state correspondence, and other business filings are stored in your Digital Motor Carrier Portal. You can access your Portal at anytime, from home or on the road. Our software was built in-house and is the most sophisticated and secure system in the industry.


What does it cost to file my BOC-3?

Filing your BOC-3 is free.

Can I File My BOC-3 Myself?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that a process agent file the BOC-3 on behalf of motor carriers. You hire us, and we file electronically for you.

What is the difference between a process agent and a blanket agent?

A process agent is the person, company or organization that receives services of process for clients in a particular state. They provide coverage in the state they are located in.

A blanket agent maintains an office in every state. They provide coverage in every state in the country.

How do I find a blanket agent?

Qualified blanket agents must register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Blanket agents publish a list of process agent offices they utilize in every state in the country. We are the only Blanket Agent offering commercial locations dedicated to receiving service of process and legal documents for you and providing you scans of your notices and documents in real time. We locally scan all your documents to you and upload to your secure online portal and email them to you in real time. We are the fastest blanket agent on the market.

Can I act as my own agent?

You may act as your own process agent only within your base state. You must maintain a physical address where you can receive services of process during regular business hours. It is highly unlikely you’d logistically be able to be your own Blanket Agent. We charge $25 to be your blanket agent.

Who can I designate as my agent?

Any adult person who resides or maintains an office in the state for which they are designated for.

A state official may be designated, but only if evidence of their willingness to do is filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and accepted.

Do I need to keep a copy of my BOC-3?

Yes. You are required by law to keep a copy of your BOC-3 at your principal place of business or in your truck. We email you a copy of the BOC-3 form with our blanket agent and process agent info on it instantly after placing an order.

I operate only within my own state and never cross state borders. Do I still need to file a BOC-3?

Carriers conducting interstate commerce are required to have coverage in all states they operate within, and these agents are designated on the BOC-3.

The tricky part of this question is the definition of “interstate commerce,” for it is a broad definition indeed. According to the FMCSA, if either your vehicles or your cargo/passengers cross a state boundary or has the intent to cross state boundaries then you are conducting interstate commerce.

Thus, you must know if the cargo/passengers you transport originate within your state and fully intend to remain there.

To illustrate this rule:

  • A local city bus is not engaged in interstate commerce (unless that bus crosses state lines in the course of its regular business)
  • A Greyhound bus in the same city, however, because of the nature of its passengers, is considered to be engaged in interstate commerce

If your operations and cargo/passengers are entirely intrastate, then you will need to check with your particular state for registration requirements. You may not need to file with the FMCSA, but most states still require carriers to register their operations with proper state authorities.

Do private carriers need to file a BOC-3 since they do not need operating authority?


Am I required to update my BOC-3 paperwork?

You are required to update your process/blanket agent information only if you change agents or if your agent resigns.

BOC-3 forms do not need to be filed as part of your biennial updates.

My process/blanket agent resigned. Do I need to refile my BOC-3?

Yes. You will need to appoint a new process or blanket agent within 30 days of the change.

My business name/address changed. Do I need to refile my BOC-3?

No. In the event that you change your business name, your business address or your business contact information, you are required by law to contact your process/blanket agent and make them aware of the changes. You must do so within 30 days of the change.