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There’s three things I’d like you to walk away with after reading this page. I’d like you to learn a little about our background, why we give a crap, and why we think we’re different.

Our Background: We’re Truckers

If you live in Montana, you don’t have just one job. Having a piece of equipment like a small excavator, a skid steer, or an old 15-ton excavator sitting around is part of making your house payments. Everyone has something. I’ve had dump trucks, which ventured into tractors with end dumps, which ventured into low boys, which ventured into long haul low boy trips, which eventually ventured into Process Agent LLC.

After owning a skid steer, then a mini excavator, then a dozer that turned into a full-size excavator,  I bought a crappy old 360 horse Mack 12-ton RD  to haul my machinery around . I can’t tell you how many times I hit my head on the ceiling, my knees felt like someone sliced them with a knife from hitting the front dash, and my head rung like I’d been drinking for 8 hours, just from driving it. It was fun, it sounded beautiful, but it didn’t feel like enough. And it REALLY didn’t feel like enough when i needed a heavier trailer to haul my 36,000 excavator around.  So I got a tractor. Then I got a low boy. And then I thought, why beat myself up with an excavator when I could just sit in a nicer truck and haul excavators for dealers. Then I had a few good loads and I thought, I could hire someone, so I bought a beautiful new Cascadia and started running like crazy, but as many of you know, you get stuck sometimes. Grabbing loads from brokers you don’t know. Waiting and waiting for payment. The margins are thin, especially when you have DPF troubles.

One evening at a Freightliner dealership, missing my family, and getting overcharged, I saw the writing on the wall about a decade ago in the USA Today. It was a piece about Volvo working on self-driving Semi Trucks. I thought… why on earth wouldn’t they make self-driving Class 8 trucks. I mean, it’s exhausting and dangerous and anytime I’ve taken a load, the broker doesn’t care about me, the client doesn’t care about me, and if I went and worked for a massive hauler, they wouldn”t care about me either. I’m an expense, a liability, and I’ll be the first thing to get cut. So as with everything else I’d chased, the grass looked a little greener somewhere… I just didn’t know where.

During the process of getting two trucks completely legal, I was inundated with phone calls and scams. Most of it stemming from dealing with the US DOT and the FMCSA. When I bought a newer dump truck, I decided to test my conspiracy theory. I got a new phone number, set up a new LLC, and set up a new email address, and for good measure, rented a box at a UPS store. I wanted to see how much of the endless harassment I was getting from all kinds of people trying to sell me something started with registering my truck. Sure enough, my data got sold, my info distributed, and it was a relentless amount of sales calls from all these scammers selling stickers, insurance, safety equipment, IFTA filings, and BOC-3 and process agent service. I had used a few Process Agents before and remembered what a mess it was getting anything from them. I also remembered getting stuck with a $150 bill from one and a $250 bill from a super cheap website I tried to switch to. It only cost me $20 to get the blanket agent and process agent and another one only cost $29, but they hammered me for what I thought I was paying them to already do… their job!

On one of my hauls, I looked up a few Process Agents on the list the FMCSA provides and drove by a few. I was amazed that they were all residential homes and some were these weird offices of insurance agents. I went into a couple and asked to speak to my blanket agent. The people I would talk to didn’t even know what a blanket agent was. At one of the homes I stopped at, the lady who answered the door said someone contacted her a few years ago, but never paid her anything, so she throws the mail away if it comes. That’s when I knew for sure the industry sucked and I could do it way better!

In researching how to establish offices in every state, I sure as heck didn’t want to do what all these people were doing, so I looked up a registered agent service company I had used for forming a few LLCs and created a partnership with Registered Agents Inc. They’re the largest registered agent service in the business of accepting legal documents. With their help, I’ve been able to provide a rock solid service with preset infrastucture, accepting and forwarding documents. After that, it’s just beating everyone on price and service, which I’m pretty good at. If you hire us, Process Agent LLC, I bet you’ll think so too.

Why We Give A Crap

There’s a lot of little things that have always bugged me. Dirty washer fluid at the pump. Short sticks to wash my windows with. Rickety ladders with bad wheels to reach my windows because I’m too cheap to spend $8 on a nice stick. Speakers that don’t work and make me waste my time walking back and forth to prepay. Grimmy disgusting fuel pumps that are never power washed. Small parking lots. Cold coffee. Crappy coffee. An empty hot dog tray. A disgusting bathroom. A scale that doesn’t have a working speaker. A parking lot with tons of massive holes. No trash cans. These are little things… but I’ve always felt if you’re going to do something, why wouldn’t you just dial it in and do it really well. I mean, it would cost you less than $300 to have your speaker serviced on your pump. You could make my experience amazing and I’ll always come back. It just doesn’t make any sense to me to do a job half way.

I started Process Agents LLC knowing the industry is ripe for someone to do it better. We are the future of this industry. Plus, my back hurts from heavy machinery and it’s nice to walk around an office and talk on the phone instead of pounding metal into the earth.

Why We Think We’re Different

  1. We’re not selling stickers, safety programs, insurance, and we won’t sell your data after you hire us. It’s amazing how these other operations bombard a trucker with phone calls and emails. Sales is their goal and milking you for everything you got. And when you don’t buy? Your data will be sold to data companies because they just don’t care. Not with us!
  2. I’ve seen the offices of what would have appeared to be the biggest Blanket Agent offices in our industry. They’re not impressive. We have commercial offices dedicated to accepting and forwarding legal documents.
  3. Transparency. It’s easy for these websites to hook you with a low price, but if they get a document you need to see they charge you out the wahzoo for it. We charge $25 a year, no matter how many documents you get.
  4. Documents. All documents we get for our clients are scanned locally in real time.
  5. Easy price. $25 every year. That’s it.
  6. Speed. We file all BOC-3 filings within a couple hours.
  7. We’re a process agent company, dedicated only to BOC-3 filings and process agent service.

Now you know a little about me and our company. I wish you safe travels, sleep filled rests, great music, machinery that stays moving forward, and a calm spirit as you tackle the road. I hope we get to do a little business together and you’ll find our little part of your bureaucratic nightmare of trucking paperwork a little breath of fresh air.


Here’s where you can get a BOC-3 filing and Blanket Agent service for $25: https://www.processagent.com/order